Adobe Illustrator Help

Maybe it’s just me, but every time I’ve started using a new Adobe program, my first reaction is usually terror. I’m not really sure why, because the learning curve is actually very low and after tackling a few basics, you can start to make great looking projects. I’ve learned a lot by just getting in there and playing around (cmd+z or crtl+z is undo for Illustrator and Lightroom).

Here are some of my favorite sources for Adobe Illustrator tutorials that will help you tackle any lingering Adobe-phobia.

Smashing Magazine’s Best of Adobe Illustrator Tutorials

They cover everything from beginner to advanced tutorials, so there is a little something for everyone.


Tutorials and a weekly inspiration post that features incredible artists. But don’t go if you are having an artist low self-esteem day, because it may make you cry (not that I would know anything about that).

Vector Tuts+

Some of their content is premium (premium= not free), but don’t let that deter you from their site! They have a ton of free tutorials on every Illustrator subject imaginable. Plus they have a whole mess of links to free vectors, fonts, patterns, frames, and on and on. I spend a lot of time there.



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