Now that school is back in full swing, I’m a little swamped. Not to mention that the plumber is here….again. For such a small condo, this place is like a swirling vortex of plumbing issues. So just a couple quick updates before back to attempting a project in InDesign and make sure the cats leave the Roto-Rooter man alone.

First thing, the photography page is updated! I added some new things and rotated some others out. Stop by and check it out! You can always see my latest by checking out my Flickr page.

Second, new slide show! But first- a little background. A few years ago I asked my husband to take me to the Bristol Renaissance Faire just over the border into Wisconsin. I say “asked”, but it was my birthday so he couldn’t say no. Well, I guess he could have, but he would have felt really, really bad (I would have made sure of that). Anyway, I figured if it was lame, we would just do some people watching and head home. We ended up staying until almost closing time and had a blast. As we were heading for the exit, we heard ominous drumming and saw the crowd up ahead stopping and looking not a little freaked out. Behaving like those people in the horror movie who head towards the scary noise, we took off in the direction of the drumming. When we caught up to the sound, we both stopped at the same time. The unspoken thought between us was, “This….is….awesome!”  It was the danse macabre or death parade winding through the ground. A danse macabre parade is a medieval allegory about the universality of death. No matter who or where we are, death eventually comes for us all.

When I went home, I realized words were really not enough to tell people how spooky, haunting and wonderful the parade is. So a slideshow was born!  The hardest part was finding a song that adequately set the mood that the parade creates for me. I saw the commercial for the game Fable 3 and heard the song, “Young Men Dead” by The Black Angels and that was it. It was ominous, creepy, and bad ass. Perfect!

I think it looks a lot better on it’s You Tube page, so you can see it larger without losing quality. Back next week with (hopefully) some new content for my design page. Till then, enjoy the new photos and slideshow!


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