Empty Book Jacket

It’s one of the best feelings to get to Friday and realize you’ve had a pretty good week. It’s been incredibly warm for March in Chicago, I’m right on schedule with all my projects, and my panda eyes are slowly fading. Oh and I found out Ray LaMontagne had a song on his demo album about big girls   and it pretty much made my spring.  Other then the part about having a porch, cooking, and being named Sally, it might as well be a song about me  (stop looking at me like that and let me have my dream).

But speaking of Ray, I mentioned last time that I was working on a project inspired by his song, “Empty.” Tuesday afternoon I headed out to Trantina Farm in Homer Glen. It was really better then I had imagined. The sky was super bright blue and gave the dried grasses and flowers a warmth that was exactly what I was looking for.

A few blending modes, some clicks of the transparency sliders, and a font import later and it’s about 75% finished! It’s one of those projects that just sort of came together on it’s own. The whole time I’ve been working on it, I’ve tried to keep two objectives in mind: give viewers a sense of Ray and his music, especially those unfamiliar with both, through only pictures and to make something I would be proud to show him. 

It’s seven different photos, two different textures and the font is called “Blue Skies”- with some major kerning adjustments.  I’m going to add some text on the back panel (either a short bio or the song lyrics) and I have to find a way to add his name to the spine without it disappearing. I’ll have the final version for you all next week.

On another note, I’m finally on twitter! How very 2006 of me, right? I just signed up the other day, so there is hardly anything there yet. But you should follow me, because it would be nice to have followers that are actual people instead of porn spammers telling me how hot they think I am. While I agree and appreciate the sentiment, I prefer communicating with real people. You can click the twitter widget on the right sidebar or, if you are like me and too lazy to scroll up, click here.


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