Little Fables and the Art of Yossi Gavan

WordPress ate my whole post! So I’m recreating it from memory.

The blog is taking a week off from me and my issues to bring you the illustrations of Yossi Gavan. My cat, Lucky, is a couch potato, who demands entertainment 24/7. She really likes the show, Cops, but until there is a Cops channel (which I would totally watch, too), she gets to watch Sprout. In case you are unfamiliar with Sprout, it’s a television channel for babies with the most grating which-circle-of-Hell-is-this shows on earth. Which is why I was completely surprised to discover this gorgeously animated show, Little Fables.

The illustrations are very simple and elegant- black silhouettes over backgrounds in tones of grey. Color is used very sparingly only to highlight single elements like a sunrise or flowers. Sometimes as designers we want to throw every trick in the book at our designs hoping for a huge wow from the viewer. But Little Fables is proof that less is more.

In researching this show, I found the illustrator’s Behance profile  and his other work, which is just as charming. I don’t speak Hebrew, but the Bobo and Zets animations are adorable in any language. I hope you enjoy his work as much as I do!


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