What I Do When I’m Bored or How to Avoid Housework

As I’ve said over and over, music inspires me. So when I’m “bored” (A.K.A avoiding responsibility) I create imaginary music posters or  album covers. That sounds so much better then “music geek fan girl art”. These are uncritiqued and aren’t my best work, but they were fun to create and it keeps my skills sharp over break.  Of course, the first one had to be for Ray LaMontagne. The base photo is the windmill at the Du Page County fairgrounds in Wheaton, IL. I like how the texture came out, because it sort of looks like leather.

Thank God for Amazon.com’s $5 albums, because if it wasn’t for them, I probably would not have found Trampled by Turtles. They may be a little too bluegrassy for some, but they have these beautifully sad songs that make me want to get in the car for a very long road trip. They also have these instrumentals and the only thing I can say about them is, damn, can these guys play! I did two pieces inspired by them.

The first one (above), is based on what I felt about the song, “Alone.”  This photo was used on a creative commons license from Flickr user, County Lemonade (click for the original) and then I reprocessed it. The song made me think of a long, dusty road trip. Anyone who’s ever been on one of those long road trips knows that the only things you can really do is listen to the radio and contemplate things. My goal was to make it look like a found photograph.  Here is a link to the song: Alone, Trampled by Turtles  You should totally listen to it, because it’s awesome.

The second is based on the song, “Beautiful.” I did take this photo and layered it with some textures. But here’s the weird part. In looking for a full-length version of the song, “Beautiful” to add to this post, I found this 90 second preview for the song. It sort of blew me away, because the first 30 seconds it was wheat stalks and wildflowers. It looked like it was my Flickr photostream come to life. I swear I never saw it before about an hour ago. The song is hauntingly, well…beautiful. Here’s the link to the full length version: Beautiful, Trampled by Turtles. 

There you have it, a small sampling of the things I do while I am avoiding domesticity. I’d love one day to actually do these for a living, but for now they’ll have to be my distraction from real life. Thanks for reading and have a great week!!

***6/3 Update*** I did a version 2.0 of the “Alone” TbT design. I really like the type on this version much better then the previous. 


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