What I Did On Summer Vacation or “I Like Mustard!!1!!”

Me, around 7 years old, at Great America. I still bite my lip like that when I’m really excited.

I’ve noticed a pattern ever since starting school. Before every break I make a mental list of everything I’m going to do on break. It’s things like clean out the basement, organize the second bedroom we use for storage, donate my old clothes and various DIY projects. Then break comes and I consider it a major achievement if I’m dressed before noon and we don’t run out of forks before I finally do the dishes. And the list remains undone. But, hey, it’s summer break and as an adult, how many times do we actually get to take a break?

One thing I have done is sign up at Tumblr. It’s an awesome place for creatives.  I resisted it for a while, because I figured it was no different then Twitter. The thing that has always bothered me about Twitter is it almost feels competitive. It’s as if people don’t really care about the interaction, they just want followers. Because what’s the use of thinking, “I really DO like mustard!!!” if you can’t share it with 5000 followers, right?  It’s still a good place to connect and get information quickly, but it’s hard not to feel lost in the shuffle.

True there are some “I like mustard” type comments on Tumblr, but right away in searching through the “design” and “illustration” tags, I was inspired. Maybe it’s because, unlike Twitter, with Tumblr the work is right there in your face, unabbreviated? I don’t know. But what I do know is that scrolling through the different posts, I immediately thought of the book, Steal Like An Artist. “Oh, I am going to steal that. OMG I am going to steal that, too. OMG!! STEALING!!!” I don’t even know if I have any followers and I don’t think I care. I’d welcome some, but it’s great just to surround myself with all these things that inspire me to create, laugh, and think that it doesn’t seem to matter if anyone is looking at my work or not. I guess the larger lesson is social media is what you make of it?

Back to school for summer semester on Tuesday. I’m taking typography and I cannot wait. Only one more class after this one and I will be done with all the 100 level design classes. Me a year ago wouldn’t believe that was possible and the little girl in the picture certainly would be shocked to hear that in…um…..more then a few years she’d be voluntarily going to summer school.

If you’d like to follow me on Tumblr, I’m at Beth Brousil Photograph and Design  and my Twitter is gigglybeth_. I promise not to tweet about mustard*. Have a great week!

(*this is a lie)


3 thoughts on “What I Did On Summer Vacation or “I Like Mustard!!1!!”

  1. Great post! I hadn’t considered signing up for Tumblr, but now you have raised my curiosity! Do you use Pinterest? I have found that to be incredibly inspiring as well!

    • Thanks! I haven’t tried Pintrest yet. Based on the awesome things I see my Facebook friends pinning, I’m afraid it will lead to 1000 unfinished DIY projects around the condo.

      • I completely understand your hesitations! When I first joined Pinterest, I went pin-crazy, pinning hundreds of awesome DIY ideas and inspirational artworks…eventually I reached information overload! So, I made myself a deal that I could only pin a new idea or try a new project if I COMPLETED at least one of the projects already on one of my boards. That’s worked for me so far–and saved my apartment from looking like an art tornado struck! I’m excited to check out Tunblr though–might be a better option for me! 🙂

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