New Music!

I wish I had some super glamorous excuse for not posting last week but the truth is, I forgot. Normally, I start writing around 9 or 10 AM, but last Friday Ray LaMontagne tickets went on sale at 10 AM. I got such awesome seats (there may have been some very excited, very profanity laden text messages sent to my husband) that everything else sorta left my head.

Speaking of glamour (we were, weren’t we? oh well, just go with it), I stumbled on some new music! Driving to school the other day I heard this song and fell in love. Unfortunately, since I was driving I couldn’t write down the name of the song or singer , all I remembered was his name was Nick “something with two words” and thought it was Nick Hightower. After searching the internet for an hour for Nick Hightower, I finally figured out it was actually Nick Waterhouse (this may precisely be the moment I became my mother . She still calls Geraldo Rivera, “Grenaldo“). You’ve probably heard him, too, without knowing it, because the song “Say I Wanna Know” is in a really horrible Acura commercial. Seriously, it’s the only redeeming thing in that commercial.

Anyway, downloading the entire album, Time’s All Gone, I haven’t stopped listening. If you like any of the retro new soul singers like Raphael Saadiq, Amy Winehouse, or Mayer Hawthorne, you will love Nick Waterhouse. What does this have to do with glamour? Well, this whole album is so lush, full, confident and sexy that if it sprouted legs and started to walk around, it would look like this:

Click play at the bottom of the page and watch this gif. It’s hypnotic.

It made me want to wear my hair in an updo and wear a Joan dress everyday this week. Granted, I own no Joan dresses and the only resemblance I have to her is that we are human women inhabiting Earth, but let me have my dream.

Being me, I couldn’t stumble on new music and remake the album cover or a poster. So I went straight to Illustrator and Photoshop and made that opening graphic. It’s not my best work and the colors are inspired by my shower curtain, but I tried to make it look 60’s-ish and incorporate his glasses a little, which seem to be his trademark.

I hope you have a great week and I’ll try to remember to update next week (or at least have a better excuse). In the meantime, listen to Nick Waterhouse and get your 60’s glamour on.

*I updated the opening graphic a little later in the day. This one is a little more interesting, I think.


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