Vintage Designy Things

It’s hard to miss the old-timey illustration trend in design. If you are like me and more of a photographer then a drawer, then fret not, because there are tons of resources out there for us non-drawers to get old timey and most of them are FREE! Who doesn’t love free things? Crazy people, that’s who!

I made this Ray poster (yes, I was avoiding homework, housework and real life) using floral illustrations from Vintage Printables. They have gone to the trouble of scanning a gabillion public domain images and now they’re free for the taking. The only problem is that they are not consistent with their dpi. Some things are scanned in at 300, some at 150 and some at 72. so that’s something to keep in mind. But it’s hard to complain when they’ve taken all the grunt work out of finding, scanning and uploading thousands of images for us. Did I mention it’s free?

The gramophone in the poster is from Vintage Vectors. Not nearly as extensive as Vintage Printables, but still exciting. Maybe because in school they teach us Adobe Illustrator first, but I’m more comfortable working in vector. When I scroll through the pages of Vintage Vectors, I always want to start a project  as an excuse to use their vectors. Oh, and this is awesome! Some files are not just vector. The gramophone came with both an illustrator and a photoshop file!

Finally, The Graphics Fairy. I think they are aimed a little more at scrapbookers and DIYers, but still some very cool things, none the less. She does have a ton of very awesome vintage Halloween art that I am so going to find an excuse to use (I friggin’ love Halloween). They do seem to also be scanned at 72 dpi, so again, be wary of that if you are printing. It’s a great site for inspiration, as well. I actually stumbled on the site looking for old timey apothecary label inspiration.

If you are like me at all, these three sites should keep you busy for quite a while. Have a great week!


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