Things People Will Never Say To Me

I wish I had some hilarious story about how the “Things People Will Never Say To Me” project came to be, but the truth is it just popped into my head while driving. Out of the blue, I thought, “No one will ever say to me, ‘You’re a really good dancer.'” I probably should have been concentrating on driving, but I started mentally listing other silly things no one will ever say to me. Just to make myself laugh (which is  why I do 95% of what I do), I illustrated a few of them. When ever I mix Photoshop and Illustrator I’m reminded of one of my teachers and think, “Jean would be so proud of me mixing vector and raster!”

Anyway, here’s what I’ve got so far. There are a fe more on deck, including, of course, “You’re a really good driver!” but I haven’t had time to work it up yet. I hope you enjoy them and have a great week!


Not unless I’m running incredibly late…which could actually be another in this series. No one will ever say, “You are so punctual!”

The design nerd in me loves that how the Y and ! curve around her hip. But yeah, unless I move to Polynesia, this is not something I will soon hear said about me.

This one is a little bit of a fib. But on the rare occasion I did join the team, everyone was about as thrilled as this lady when they realized the extent of my athletic abilities. Except for that one 10 year old girl who looked super surprised when I slapped her in the face for taking the ball from me. Relax! I was 10, too. It’s not like I go around slapping  random 10 year olds.

What? You have your fantasy man and I have mine. He’s got an Oscar! It was either him or Keanu Reeves. Shut up! He’s hot and I have a type apparently.


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