The Aftermath!

Working on my photoshop skills (AKA avoiding work)

I survived the 5K! But I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have a couple of stories to share. I crossed the finish line at 43:25 and change. BUT I guess they round up because my “official” time is 43:26. Yes, I am that competitive that I will argue over 1 second. Now, for the funny stuff.

First, we line up and as a group of 300+ strong….we all lined up facing the wrong direction. It’s freeing to be in such a large group that that does something stupid, because there is always someone else to blame. Time was ticking down and I started my carefully planned playlist. Adele starts singing and we are off. Then The Black Keys come on, then Mumford and Sons and that’s when I realized I left it on “shuffle”. Oh well, there were more pressing issues at that moment, like the fact that my pants were slowly sliding off. I anticipated a lot of things with this race- tripping, embarrassing sweat patterns, rogue bands of teenagers, snake bites- but I did not anticipate my pants falling off in front of the grandstand. So, I’m trying to keep my pants on and maintain a casual, “Oh, this is no big deal. I run every where!” nonchalance. I finally just gave up and hoped they’d stop when they reached my underwear and thanked God that I wore 2 very long shirts. Once I got out of the football stadium I hiked those badboys up to my armpits and, thankfully, I mooned no one- intentionally or otherwise.

My cheering section (both of them) had ran around to meet me at along the course. Just as they did, House of Pain “Jump Around” started. I looked at my husband and said, “I’ve got more rhymes then the Bible’s got psalms!” He laughed and later asked, “What was that about?” I was like, “It’s from Jump Around.”  He thought for a second and said, “Ooooooh. Okay. Yeah, we were pretty confused.” So, I think it’s safe to say I was not punked in to marrying anyone from House of Pain, but my cheering section may have thought I was having a stroke.

It was very windy and about 50-55 degrees outside. I trained on the treadmill in my gym where it’s consistently about 75 with 80000% humidity, so this was a change. No matter which way I turned it seemed like the wind was in my face. Sucking in that cool, dry air made me pick up this raspy cough and now I sound like Muttley when I laugh. It’s even funnier when you know that, a lot of the time, when I laugh I cover my mouth. For the unfamiliar…

From the moment I decided to do this race, I knew that even if I had to walk the entire thing, I was going to run across the finish line…and that’s not far from what happened. There was much walking, but I ran off and on to make up time. Even though I left my playlist on shuffle, “Superman” by REM came on second to last like it was supposed to and gave me a boost. Carefully chosen, “The Cave”, with it’s gorgeous lyrics and surging guitars did not play as I crossed the finish line. So what did? “Jump Around.” Sigh. Never heard “Booty City” once, but my phone decided I needed to hear “Jump Around” twice…and as I crossed the finish line, no less.

Pay no attention to the messy coffee table in the background or that the bag is now half as full as when it was presented to me.

My friends who have done races always show off their nice participation medals and I was really looking forward to that part. But only people who finished first through third in their age group got medals. HOWEVER, I did get something that no one else got. One member of my cheering section gave me my own bag of nuts! One day we were sitting in class and she whipped out this huge freezer size bag full of nuts. It was quiet and dark (this class is awesome, we spend at least a half hour every class watching commercials. It’s research!) and for some reason the bag of nuts struck me as hilarious. I told my husband about it and he had like 4000 questions about the bag of nuts. “What kind of nuts?” “How big was the bag?” “How did she get the bag to class?” “Was it just nuts or was there fruit or M&Ms in there, too?” So now, all bag of nuts questions are answered because I have my own!

Afterwards, I did get my promised booze in too many Manhattans. They come with a maraschino cherry, so it’s like a drink and dessert in one!

Even though I didn’t start seriously training until a few weeks ago, it feels kind of weird to go back to working out for the sake of working out and not to be working towards something. Yeah, I know I’m working towards fitness, but that’s lame. But the Color Run is just a short 12 months away….

Till next time when, I promise, I will talk about something else!


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