Very Bad Pets

Very Bad PetsGood morning, lovelies! I’ve got another project for you this week- “Very Bad Pets.” The assignment was to create an accordion fold booklet sent out as a self-promotional piece. Oh, and it had to be narrative or conceptual. Every time I get an assignment at school I think, “Yep, this is it- the one that is going to break me. No way I’m going to be able to do this.”

So, after the initial panic subsided, I was driving home from school and heard a radio commercial. I was only half listening, but they said a line about having a weird animal for a pet. That made me think of this episode of The Simpson’s where Moe the Bartender gets attacked by and eagle . That made me think what a crappy pet an eagle would make. Viola! I had an idea for the project.

I wrote the copy first. Then came the whole issue of how to execute it. For some reason I had this idea I should draw the whole thing. When I told my teacher this she looked…um…concerned. She said, “Why do you want to do that? Because you want to stretch yourself or because you think you should draw?” I think this was her polite way of saying, “God, don’t do THAT!!!” After a brainstorming session with a classmate (in another class where we were supposed to be working on another project) I abandoned the idea of drawing and instead went with the idea of using vintage graphics. Since this was supposed to be a self-promotional piece I thought that would be more “me” anyway. During critique a classmates said, “On the surface, it looks really nice and fancy. But once you really look at it, it’s silly and a little bit biting.” Hmm…sounds like a certain blogger I know.

The little frames or brackets around the copy were created in Adobe Illustrator, the swirly font is called Chopin Script  and the serif font is Baskerville. The graphics came from Vintage Printable and everything was put together in Photoshop. The final printed dimensions are 38″ x 6″. Oh, and that weird little guy on the cover I thought was a bush baby, but it’s actually a tarsier from the Philippines. They’re sort of cute in a weird, unnerving sort of way.  Without further ado, Very Bad Pets!


Clicking any picture takes you to the full sized version at my Behance page

Bad Pets Cover


Bad Badgersbpcobrasbpeaglesbpbackcover


I’m also searching for a summer internship, which is a lot harder then I had anticipated. If you’re in the Chicago area and need a summer graphic design intern who works hard and is super cute, please let me know!


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