The Harder I Work The Luckier I Get or, “Congratulations. I Suck.”


Lately I’ve been thinking about that saying, “The harder I work the luckier I get.” Trying to decide if it’s truth or a crock. I know many, many hard working people who can’t break through to a level they consider successful and others who seem to glide through life getting nothing but green lights, good parking spaces, hot partners and people waiting to throw cash at them.

I was talking with some classmates when one brought up the website of an artist he personally knew. He saw that this other artist’s career had kind of taken off in a way he didn’t realize and his words were something to the effect of, “What the….? Sonnofabitch!” Even though he respected her talents, seemed to personally like her, and was happy for her success it still made him a bit jealous and sad. Now, you have to know that my classmate is someone I, my classmates and teachers are universally jealous of his talents and who also works extremely hard. During critiques the comment he gets most is, “Wow! How did you do that?” So, it kind of caught me off guard. All I could say was that I understood. It’s that sick feeling of being happy for their success, disappointment with yourself, puzzlement, and a healthy dose of guilt for being a jealous douchebag to a friend you sincerely do want good things for. Things seem to come incredibly easy to some people.

But situations look so different from the inside. We don’t always get to see how hard someone works behind the scenes. From our point of view, it could just look like they are breezing through life collecting accolades with a four-leaf clover, rabbit’s foot, horseshoe, pot o’gold and three 7’s tattooed on their charmed butts. BUT we don’t see the hours of work they put in or the sacrifices they make so that make their successes appears effortless. We aren’t privy to the times they may have thought, “When is it my turn?” when everyone else around them seemed to have everything going their way.

I guess in the end, I have to believe that, “The harder I work the luckier I get” is truth, because, well…I just have to. It’s putting every single ounce of faith into yourself, knowing those hard days caused you to grow in ways you wouldn’t have otherwise and not stopping until you can look around and say, “See? I knew I could.”

Coming up on Friday, the thrilling conclusion to the work in progress a few weeks ago. Tantalizing teaser, it came out a billion times better then I imagined and it’s probably my most favorite thing I’ve created. Til then, enjoy this super depressing Ray LaMontagne song, Let It Be Me, that sums up those feelings when your faith seems to shake a little.


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