Hourglass Wines

hourglass_label_onlyThe last post was a little maudlin, but this one will be fun. A few weeks ago I teased a new project for a beverage label. Our teacher expanded it to pretty much anything liquid in a container, because projects included salsa and hot sauce. I wanted something fun, flirty, and appealing to both men and women. I briefly entertained the idea of putting a scalloped boarder around the label or a lace background behind it, but I couldn’t imagine a man walking into a party carrying a bottle of wine with a corset and a scalloped lacy background.  I kept it simple instead and think this works better.

I originally had a whole line of wine with names like Plush Pinot Noir and Zaftig Zinfandel but there was a bit of an incident with the wine bottles. Saturday afternoon I wanted to be lazy and didn’t want to scrub the label off of a bottle. So I just plunked the bottle in a bucket of water thinking the label would just mainly dissolve and I wouldn’t have to scrub much. After about 10 minutes, I heard what sounded like something hitting the side of the bucket. That kachunk noise was the bottle exploding! I still haven’t figured out how it happened but the inside of my bucket looked like I was cleaning up crime scene.

But wait! It gets more awkward.

Now I needed a new bottle because my label was designed for that specific one at Trader Joe’s. We hardly ever go to there because it’s not close and when we go I stock up on their butter. I don’t know what they do to their butter, but it’s the best freaking butter ever.  So, we go up to the register with 3 pounds of butter, a bottle of wine, and candy (I cannot escape that store without $20 worth of candy) and instead of making whacky conversation with us like the cashiers normally do at Trader Joe’s, ours was strangely silent. Then she just bursts out, “Three pounds of butter and a bottle of wine? What are you folks up to tonight?” Oh my God. I turned bright red and laughed so hard! My husband said, “It’s for a project.” She just said, “Uh huh…” We could practically see the thought bubble over her head saying, “Project? Is that what the kids are calling it these days?” hourglass

Here’s a shot of the bottle in question with the label attached. It initially printed like ass on normal paper, but my teacher graciously let me print on a sheet of her Red River pearlescent paper. World of difference! I didn’t think I could get results like that without going to a printer. The photo hardly does it justice and I’ll probably reshoot it at some point. The other day I realized that I have just about every project I’ve ever printed at school- the book jacket, the water bottle, the coasters. It’s really satisfying to see things as they’re meant to be used. I can only imagine the feeling of seeing something you’ve designed on the shelves.

Last time I left you with a super depressing Ray LaMontagne song, so this time I’m going to leave you with awesome one with the awesome line:

Just because you knock a man down don’t mean that you got him beat.

Have a great week!


2 thoughts on “Hourglass Wines

  1. I would have told the Trader Joe’s cashier I was doing a butter sculpture.


    Seriously, in Minnesota where I used to live, butter sculpture was huge. You had people competing to be the official butter sculptor for the state fair, where thousands would see your work in a refrigerated case.

    Love your wine label. It’s a clever play on the image of an “hourglass.”

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