Dandelions and Crappy Days

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 9.25.44 PMShort post this week because if life has taught me anything, it’s don’t update your blog when you’re in a crappy mood. It’s just been one of those days full of one miscommunication and frustration after another. A second thing life has taught me is never say, “How much crappier can things get?” because life will always answer, “Super crappy! Wanna see?” Tomorrow is another day. Allegedly.

Just in case I didn’t bring you down enough, I made a little video. Um…that didn’t really come out right. Anyway, for my new media class we learn video and computer graphics techniques. I’ve never animated anything before, but once I got the hang of it, it wasn’t really too tough. It you know Photoshop at all then taking the leap to animation isn’t that difficult. The most difficult part was finding a subject. My teacher told us make a movie 30 seconds to 2 minutes long. That was it. Three-forths of the project was me trying to figure out what to make a movie about.

I don’t know why, but when I upload it to any site, it loses some quality in the type. I swear if you watch it directly from my file it’s not choppy looking like it is on You Tube and Behance and really everywhere else online.

Without further adieu, I present, “The Dandelion.” *deep bow, backing off the stage*

P.S. I guess some people might see an ad under my video (I’ve had a report of “The Capt’n Crunch Show”). You Tube put it there, not me.


4 thoughts on “Dandelions and Crappy Days

  1. Sad little dandelion. 😦 I was hoping for dirt.

    And yes…when I go weeks without blogging, that means there were some crappy days in there. That’s a good rule of thumb. Hang in there, sister.

  2. I thought the music suited the animation perfectly. I also like how at the end the piece of dandelion lands on a spot that sort of looks like a target, like a message saying you end up right where you’re supposed to be in life at any given time, for a reason. Maybe i read into it too much, but anyways, i thought it was great:)

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